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    AMeCyLia – “It’s Just A Pretend World”

    AMeCyLia - "It's Just A Pretend World" video clip
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    "Q U E S T I O N S" - an experimental ASCII video, welcoming consciousness to participatory universe.



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Phophets 0-2

And the Prophet proclaimed: “When you want to be free, do not let ‘owning’ trap you. Let go and don’t look back. Attention around you. No thing pretends to be …

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love Universe flow illusions space feeling

love Universe flow illusions space feeling. ^_^ Breathing–FUN! Sound–interesting. Space perceive many great detailed patterns! Myriad “things to find out”. Light strange. EMR. BEC. Neuro-immuno-endocrinology. Sex. Psychedelics. Occult. Aliens. Rituals. …

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